Close nurseries and early years during this Lockdown 2021

Close nurseries and early years during this Lockdown 2021

5 January 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ruthba Amin

Dear Mr. Gavin Williamson, 

I have put together this petition in order to request that you afford us in the early years sector the same protection you have afforded to those in schools and other educational institutions. 

The current rise in COVID cases leave us anxious and fearful to return to work. 

You are putting us in an intolerable position by keeping us open. 

I work in a preschool and 6 out of 18 staff have contracted COVID. Even after the 10 day isolation period they are unwell exhausted and unable to return to work. 

However by keeping us open people like them will not be afforded the same financial protections as those who have been closed by the government. 

It is already impossible to socially distance two to four year olds. You are asking staff to mix with children who have contact with other adults in their households of which many have had cases of COVID. The cycle of spreading the infection never ends. If you are truly interested the the health and wellbeing, the safety of ALL you must close early years also. 

It is my humble request that you heed the advice of The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) and the Early Years Alliance as well as members of the general public like myself and show that our lives also matter. 

We envision and are hopeful for a day when this will all be over but for the time being we hope the government will put politics and the economy aside and put our lives first. 

We appreciate there is a need for provisions for the vulnerable and the children of key workers. The government however need to come up with a solution as they have with the rest of the educational sector.

It was done in the previous lockdown and can be implemented again. 

We the undersigned await eagerly for your response. 

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Signatures: 583Next Goal: 1,000
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