Tougher Stance on Crime, Bullying, and Police Action in California

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 Something needs to be done to protect citizens from crimes and bullying because currently, neither the police nor citizens themselves have any way to protect themselves against it, therefore the criminals are always the ones who come out winning here in California when it should be something that has to be punished and discouraged away from the youth as well as citizens as a whole. We are simply requesting that lawmakers need to value the safety of their fellow citizens and that justice be served to anyone who breaks the laws of the land. The middle class and other communities are not paying outrageous amounts of taxes for our state government to not be able to protect us. In this state, the police are nearly not able to protect us and we cannot defend ourselves because then we might be the ones in trouble. This state will ultimately be a really unsafe state if this keeps happening and criminals get away with their crimes without going unpunished. This also encourages bullying amongst schoolchildren on and off campus, with victims having unheard voices and no justice served. Criminals OBVIOUSLY do not follow the law, so they’re bound to keep doing it over and over again until something tragic and consequent occurs. This is why we want to propose these laws to be set in place to reduce this from happening in our beautiful communities here in Chula Vista, San Diego, and California in general:

Lower The Age of Adult Charges For Serious Felonies To The Age of 16

Expand more roles for officers/ Disciplinary actions for defiance under parole

Reverse the Damages of Proposition 47’s Criminal Loopholes

Parents/Guardians should be fined for the teenager's behavior 

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