Support human rights remove Mark Macarro from the California Office of Tribal Advisors

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We are asking that Mark Macarro Be removed from the California Office of Tribal Advisor

For the following reasons. The office of tribal advisor is supposed to use an international human right framework. He has disenrolled 25% of the tribe My family is one. He has disregarded the tribal constitution and by-laws in the process and when a letter was written showing the tribal by-laws that were broken, we never received a respond, and the letter was sent twice. When there was to be a vote on Indian civil rights at a California democratic native American caucus under Mark, he had buses sent to vote against Indian civil right with a promise that those who went and vote no a bar a tab would be set up for them.

He made his brother tribal head legal, but his bother has no license to practice law in California then his brother was caught embezzling money from the tribe, and nothing was done, and he was caught a second time with nothing done. Mark and his wife then wrote a bill that totally disregarded our civil rights that stole and took our water right from us with no compensation or voice. He hired wife Holly Macarro as the tribal lobbyist she made 250.000 annually.

We are original allottees living on our tribal allotment. Being an original Allottee is that when the Reservation was formed by President McKinley who signed lands over to Indian families to form the reservation. We still have the original deed signed by President McKinley. The tribe even hired a renowned anthropologist DR John Johnson to discredit my family and his findings were that we belong with all the history and documentation, so the report was thrown out. On you can see the news report Without a tribe with DR John Johnson, Mark, and my family.       

It has just found out that under Mark Macarro 200k was given to Governor Newsome inauguration and 28k directly to him. So is this the price to ignore civil rights. 

The council  under the California tribal Advisors that Mark Macarro sit on is the California truth & Healing. This council is suppose to look at the injustice that has been done to California Indians and look on how to prevent it in future. Yet Mark has done injustice to his own tribe as he wants. What healing has he done to his tribe except his bank account. If Mark truly believed what he has done is just then it is simple he can way the sovereignty on our disenrollment and settle it in court and if he is right that would shut us down so fast.