Sentenced to Adult Life at 16

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Marcus Lancaster, then 16, now 31, was charged with attempted murder. He was sentenced to adult life plus 20 years for a gun enhancement. Marcus was charged for a crime he did not commit. On the night of the alleged attempted murder, Marcus was tested for gun shot residue and was found with no residue on his hands. Marcus was not present in the act to be charged for attempted murder.

The victim was shot in the leg.

At the time of the incident, the victim told the police he saw two African American males, but made no statement of eye color.

Marcus never met the victim in his life. First time seeing the victim was in court.

In 2005, Marcus was the only African American male with green eyes in a 6 pack line up given to the victim to identify who the alleged shooter was. The mention of green eyes was only mentioned after the victim spoke to police. Marcus was singled out in the line up due to his green eyes and nothing else. In court, Marcus was denied his rights to due process. He was not given a trial by his peers, but a trial by an all white jury. His attorney made a stipulation with the DA, that GSR does not prove that he did not shoot the gun, showing bias that his attorney was not on his side to prove his innocence. The judge did not allow him to change his counsel when he requested it. He was not given a chance to speak at his trial. 

I ask that you sign and share this petition in support of Marcus Lancaster and demand for his immediate release. He has been wrongfully convicted of attempted murder, but was found unjustly guilty of being a young African American male living in a low income community.

Bringing Marcus home allows him to give back to the community creating a positive impact on the youth, enjoy his life with his mother and family, and be a positive contributing member of society.

Thank you for your support.  Let's bring Marcus home!

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