Save livestock animals from unnecessary slaughter at auctions.

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As an farm animal sanctuary, we feel this needs to addressed.

Every year livestock auctions and fair auctions take place, killing hundreds if not thousands state wide in California. Most fair goers don't fully grasp what happens to the cute animals they go to see and pet. This includes but not limited to: Goats, Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Ducks, and Rabbits.

We have recently discovered that if fairs or auction owners learn you are a sactuary or a rescue, you will not be allowed to sign up to bid. There are only a few fairs that allow you to take the animal home after winning a bid.

We don't want to shame the children who want to be apart of 4H, we want them to learn about animals, caring for, raising, and given an alternative option to slaughter.


Here is what we would like to see happen:

• California law, that all livestock/animal auctions, private practice, state, or county fairs be required to allow the option of non-fatal sale.

• California law, Auctions and Fairs are required to provide a list of rescues and sanctuaries to rehome the animal to, as an alternative to slaughter to the winning bidder.

• California law, To stop discrimination towards sanctuaries or rescues and allow them to register to bid.

•United States as a whole to consider by law non-fatal auction options, rescue/sanctuaries listed for alternatives, and rescues/sanctuaries to be allowed to register.

Our goal is to help people and children learn about animals in such programs as 4H. We want to reward their hard work, but save their animals in the process and teach them there are other options out there.