Reverse Recommended Parole for Murderer

Reverse Recommended Parole for Murderer

November 30, 2021
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Started by claudia sinkule

Governor Gavin Newsom
1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Honorable Governor Newsom,

On November 18, 2021, Eric Nathaniel Marum #F61434 a convicted murderer serving 16 years to life and residing at Folsom Prison in Sacramento, Ca. was granted a recommendation for parole by 2 Commissioners of the California Board of Parole.

We the parents, family members, and the undersigned are in full support and ask you to review and reverse this parole.

On October 16, 2005 Eric Nathaniel Marum in a rage of anger violently and brutally murdered Nicole Crystal Sinkule in her sleep.  He crushed her skull with the claw part of the hammer because it was sharper and would kill her faster and after hitting her 13 times he did one final blow and left the hammer in her head!  You can google Nicole Sinkule and read all her story.

He is a repeat domestic violence offender, drug dealer and addict who was diagnosed with a personality disorder in 2019 and given five more years in prison but 2 ½ hears later and he is recommended for parole.

The violent rage and nature of this crime and the prisoners’ inconsistencies, lack of remorse and the fact that he is not comprehending the magnitude of his actions still after 16 years along with his history should be taken into consideration.  We feel he is still a danger and a threat to the us the victims’ family, friends, and community and believe he will have a hard time transitioning back into society.

It is the duty of our justice system to protect its citizens. To have the safety of the victim, the victim's family, and the general public considered before any parole or other post-judgment release decision is made.  California Constitution, Article I, Section 28 (b) Victims' Bill of Rights - Masry's Law line 16.

We humbly ask that the recommendation of convicted murderer Eric Nathaniel Marum be reversed for the wellbeing and safety of the community, and the victims who still remain fearful of this prisoner.

We the undersigned humbly request the recommendation of parole granted to prisoner #F61434 Eric Nathaniel Marum be reversed and ask for your support.

Thank You, for your time and consideration and service




This petition made change with 8,272 supporters!

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