reopening California and going back to school

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The problem is that the government shut down California and for some reason school is not essential so because of Covid 19 they shut down schools and I would like them to open back up. School is considered essential and if the Mayor of Sacramento and the the Governor of California want to talk together and reopen the schools that would be great.  It seems that the Mayor wants to mandate masks now.  IF that is the case then schools can be reopened for kids.  Schools are necessary and the online schooling is not good i should know i am a kid. And humans have the rights to protest and say wants on their mind.  I would like school to open so I can learn.  I am in fifth grade and will never be in elementary school again.  I am expected to learn online and then go to Middle School after all this time in quarantine.  Let's reopen California (including the schools) and get back to normal.  The average human has the ability to keep themselves healthy and safe and wash their hands and if they so choose to wear a mask.  Let's reopen!