Parole Sirhan! 53 Years in Prison and He Did Not Kill RFK

Parole Sirhan! 53 Years in Prison and He Did Not Kill RFK

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Justice For RFK started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

In 1968, a 24-year old Sirhan B. Sirhan was convicted of the horrific crime of assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy and has been in prison for 53 years.

In August, 2021, the Board of Parole Commissioners recommended he be released. WHY RELEASE THIS MAN?

FIRST, because they followed the law. The Commissioners found him to NOT BE A SAFETY RISK to society due to his exemplary record in prison and because he is an elderly inmate who was also a youthful defender. Sirhan has earned a degree, leads groups, attends church weekly and even has the support of the Correctional Officers who see him daily – Correctional Officers wrote multiple letters for him to be released. (After signing, you can read the letters at the website at the bottom of the petition.)

The parole board made their decision BASED ON THE LAW, not emotion. Governor Newsom needs to do the same and not overrule their decision. He must act as RFK would want him to – follow the law, uphold justice and show compassion!

SECOND, Sirhan should be paroled because there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE he is not the man who killed Kennedy, and it is likely the LAPD and LA County District Attorney knew it at the time. They wanted him to be a "lone assassin" and manipulated witnesses and evidence to secure the conviction.

Those who have studied the case know that the LAPD intimidated or ignored key eye-witnesses, destroyed thousands of pieces of evidence, knew there were more gun shots than what Sirhan's 8 bullet revolver could have fired, and lied to the jury - testifying that Sirhan's gun matched the victims' bullets.

Did you know:

  • Sirhan was IN FRONT of RFK, but RFK was killed by a bullet shot only 1-3 inches from the BACK OF his right ear.
  • The Autopsy report was not given to the Defense until after they agreed to admit guilt, even though it was completed within days of the murder.
  • There were 5 victims shot and RFK was shot at 4 times, for a total of 9 verifiable shots. Sirhan's gun only held 8 bullets.
  • An audio tape taken at the time of the shooting was found languishing in the LAPD files and discovered by a researcher in 2005. It was analyzed by an expert and found there were 13 shots fired, with some "overlapping" and fired in opposite directions.
  • The LAPD criminalist lied to the Jury and told them test bullets from Sirhan's gun matched the victims' bullets - BUT the test bullets were actually from a gun he pulled from the evidence locker from an old, unrelated crime.
  • A dozen eye-witnesses saw Sirhan talking with or standing near a girl in a Polka Dot Dress who was later seen fleeing the scene yelling "We shot him! We shot him!"
  • The witnesses who came forth with corroborated accounts were either told they were mistaken, told "you didn't see that" or were browbeaten into changing their testimony as heard on LAPD recordings of the questioning.
  • The witnesses statements were changed in the record from what they had actually stated and they later confirmed authorities had falsified / changed their statements.
  • The Defense did not challenge the forensics and witnesses and only tried to avoid the Death Penalty.

To allow the LAPD and other officials to convict a 24-year old on such evidence must be rectified. Justice for RFK will not be complete until the RIGHT assassin is identified and held responsible.

One of the most historically significant events in US History CANNOT BE BASED ON FALSE NARRATIVES. And the lawful decision to parole Sirhan MUST NOT BE OVERRULED BY EMOTION. We must get it right - History demands it. Sen. Robert Kennedy would want justice, not expediency! He, of all people, would know that if we allow such police and prosecutor misconduct to remain, there is nothing to stop it from happening again.


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