Gavin Newsom Open Disneyland!!!

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As many of us are concerned about COVID-19 during this pandemic a lot of us want to get back to normal activities with our families. I'm sure you are thinking a lot more is going on right now that's more serious than Disneyland opening but I'm here to petition for Gavin Newsom to open Disneyland. This isn't about being greedy or not caring about cast members or caring about those badly affected by this virus. 

I understand a lot of people have been affected by this virus but this is a virus that's not going to go away any time soon! As someone who is a big part of the Disney community a lot of us want to be back to the happiest place on earth. We all have a personal choice to make to attend the Disney parks with knowing the risk. Walt Disney World has been open since July and even though it is a bigger park compared to Disneyland they have found a way to follow social distancing guidelines. I had the chance to visit Magic Kingdom in July and they are handling it very well with strict guidelines & on top of all guest wearing a mask. I know Disneyland can do the same with a reservation system along with a set capacity that allows everyone from all over to visit Disneyland just like they have been visiting down town Disney. At the end of the day if you don't feel comfortable going to Disneyland you don't have to go. Stay home! I think with everything going on in the world we deserve this happy place to escape to.

If you are excited to finally be back at Disneyland & understand the risk of going during this time please sign my petition.