Justice for Sawandi Toussaint

Justice for Sawandi Toussaint

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On October 12th, 2019, Sawandi Asad Toussaint-Anderson was shot in the head and killed by the El Monte Police Department. The police were called to the 3500 block of Santa Anita Avenue because there was a report that someone at the transit station was brandishing a gun. When the police arrived, they saw Sawandi with a backpack and ran towards him. He started to run away from them, and they shot him once in the hip. He immediately fell to the ground and was shot 7 more times- in the face, shoulder and chin.  The gun that Sawandi allegedly had in his hand was registered to an El Monte Reserve police officer. The family was shown a picture of Sawandi right before he was shot with a gun in his right hand, but in the photo, he has on a different shirt than the one he died in. Sawandi was also left-handed, which would make it highly unlikely that he had a gun in his right hand and was shooting at anyone.

The El Monte Police Department has failed to cooperate with Sawandi's family. They refuse to hand over a police report. They refuse to give the names of the officers involved in the shooting.  Sawandi deserved more. 

We are trying to reach the attention of Gavin Newsom and the El Monte Police Chief, David Reynoso. Sawandi's family needs answers and they are entitled to them. 

Sawandi was a wonderful person with a bright future. He loved his nieces, his family, and boxing. 

Please help us get justice for Sawandi Toussaint and his family! #justiceforwan