Demand Theme Parks Re-Open In California

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It’s been 6 months and we have learned a lot about the virus and about how to adapt to it.  Other theme parks around the world had in 47 US states have reopened safely without any major issues or outbreaks. Why is California different? This is all about politics now and every other entertainment sector in the state of California has respectable reopening guidelines in the tier system except theme parks! Theme parks should be able to reopen right now but have retail and restaurant restrictions inside the parks depending on what tier that county is in. That is by far the most fair way to reopen the parks while still keeping in the tier system!  I encourage you to sign, spread, and SHARE this petition to get the attention of Gavin newsom and his health advisors.  If this petition could get millions of signatures Disney can use this petition as stroking public support for reopening the parks and potentially use this as evidence in any legal battle as well.  Also not just Disney but Universal, Six Flags, Knotts and other California theme parks can use this petition in any legal battles and to show public support. So go ahead and SIGN, SIGN, SIGN and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE all over your social media, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!