Freeze Rent, Utility Bills, All Automobile Related Bills, Credit Card Bills California

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COVID-19 has effected our lives in many ways. Sudden and unexpected loss of income for those who live paycheck to paycheck will cause serious risks for everyone. Housing security is needed for many people to carry out public health measures such as self isolation. Over the next several weeks,  governments will introduce billions of dollars in emergency measures to support “small” businesses in true terms meaning multi million dollar companies and corporations and Their workers - but we need to ensure it includes support for precarious workers, and the most vulnerable tenants, like the most renters in major cities who pay more than 50% of their income in rent. Due to the rapidly wide spread of Coronavirus and the obvious Economic Turmoil resulting in many individuals &/or families loosing their jobs &/or businesses, it is only inhuman for people having to face eviction or worry about keeping a roof over their heads. The government has a role to play in helping to protect all and to implement a temporary ban on all Evictions, Freeze for all bills and payment such as but not limited to Apartment Rent, All Mortgage Related Payments such as Mortgage Payments-Mortgage Insurance Payments-Property Insurance Payments-Property Taxes, Utilities such as Water-Electricity-Gas Bill Payments, All Automobile related bills such as Car Payments and Auto Insurance Coverage Payments, Health Insurance Coverage Payments, Internet and TV/Cable/Satellite Service Bill Payments, Credit Card Payments, Mobile/Cell Phone Bill Payments, etc. until the World Health Organization declares the COVID 19  pandemic has ended. Help yourself, your families, your community, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues & coworkers by signing this petition. Spread the word as fast and strong as corona is spreading itself. Let us together raise our voices loud and clear and demand from our law makers to protect us in this difficult times.