Overturn Eric Anderson’s Wrongful Conviction

Overturn Eric Anderson’s Wrongful Conviction

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Debra Keegan started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom and

I am petitioning on Eric Anderson’s behalf, because he has been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit! His conviction was due to “Outrageous Government Misconduct” that goes beyond Prosecution Misconduct! He has been sitting on San Quentin’s Death row for the past 15 years! He is still on a waiting list just to be appointed a State Habeas Appeal lawyer. So instead of waiting on getting a lawyer years from now, action in the form of this petition is being done to find Justice for Eric Anderson and expose a broken corrupt system.

We are not asking you to believe that Eric is innocent without having all the facts and proof of everything we are claiming. We are providing you with a website, where all the issues are laid out and most importantly, documents and transcripts on the website to prove every word on it! (SEE CONTACT INFORMATION AT THE END)

Some major facts of Eric Anderson’s case:

The Prosecution (through crime stoppers) paid the first witness, a female $10,000, which $9000, came from the victim’s family, before Preliminary Hearings. Then after this reward was paid, this same witness not only changed her story 7 times, but also failed the polygraph exam, beyond that there’s the evidence given to show she was lying. We believe once it became clear she was lying, it was too late for the Prosecutor to say “oops, we made a mistake”, and explain to the victim’s family they gave away $9000 of their money to a liar, and on top of that, hamper any case going forward on the others. They doubled-down on her lies and it is why they gave a self admitted guilty co-defendant a Plea Deal, even after knowing this second witness was lying. The prosecutor had multiple sources of evidence to know he was lying!

The prosecutor also lied in closing arguments, to the Jury the facts of a second witness Plea Deal, and claimed he was free to say “Martians came down and did it, and he would still get his deal-when the facts were he was locked into his statement he gave in his “Free Talk”.

The Prosecutor’s Investigator got on the stand to lie about evidence that doesn’t exist. Two weeks later a Stipulation was forced to recant, but the purpose and importance of this Stipulation-clearly was missed by the Jury.

The same Prosecutor’s Investigators also show the first witness a “Photo line up” which all 6 photos were of Eric Anderson and had his parole information on them. Then she claims to identify Eric by his prison issued glasses, which were replaced 2 years beforehand. There were other issues with her claim of identifying Eric as well.

The victim before dying gave his description of the shooter: Salt and pepper hair, with a full beard. Age about 45! No mention of glasses. Eric wears glasses and was in his 20’s, with dark brown hair!

The Prosecution’s Investigator changes witness’s statement reports and when these same witnesses testified, this isn’t what they said, they were pressed into agreeing what was written on a report and when at least 4 witnesses didn’t agree, the Prosecutor Impeached his own witnesses, in order to get in false statements found in these reports.

Eric Anderson’s cell phone records alone prove both of the State’s main witnesses perjured themselves, and that whole stories about what Eric did was false, because it shows he was somewhere else, in a different city, then where they claimed he was.

All these facts and many more can be found on Eric’s website, along with the documents and transcripts to prove every word is true. Check it out yourself. Then we ask you to help us get justice for Eric and sign this petition.

We are dedicated and determined to free Eric and expose this corruption!

If you are interested in getting more involved or able to help us in any way including recommending/forwarding this to a lawyer who can help us, please contact us! We appreciate your time! Thank you!

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Eric Anderson Cause For Justice

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Eric Anderson F01126, San Quentin State Prison, 4-EB-101, San Quentin, Ca 94974


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!