aid and assistance for all service industry employees and operators affected by COVID-19

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Service industry workers (along with other industries) have been impacted by the necessary changes and closures to fight the spread of COVID-19. We need our local and state officials to approve needed emergency measures to assist those in our industries that are vulnerable during this time. We recognize that if they do not take action hospitality and those employed in our sector will be forever changed.

Calling for immediate emergency measures including:

rent and loan abatement for employees

eliminating payroll tax

immediate suspension of loan and debt payments

raising EDD to cover lost wages

require health insurance companies to abate premiums 

financial bailout for product loss for operators 

mortgage abatement for landlords and rent abatement for owner/ operators

Unemployment insurance forgiveness so rates are not increased

financial aid packages that will not accrue debts while we see this through.

This will benefit us all, as we can hopefully avoid any major economic downturns while taking care of those that serve the public and make our communities a more hospitable place. Those of us affected can have some sense of ease, and ensure that their employers remain so we can return once this passes.