Clemency for Calvin Johnson - Life Without Parole Sentence

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Please start by signing this petition intended for Governor Gavin Newsom of California for mercy and reconsideration of the harsh and excessive penalty in the 2004 sentencing of Calvin Johnson.  In 2003, Calvin Johnson was arrested for two murders and one attempted murder, all of which he did not commit. He was falsely accused of these crimes, there was NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, NO D.N.A., NO GUN, and only one witness whose statement was shaky at best. During the line-up process, this witness stated that it looked like it could be number 2 (Calvin Johnson) or number 5. The witness also stated that he only got a quick glimpse of the side profile of the shooter. Then the detectives on the case, Richard García and Richard Ramirez, only gave the witness the side view of Calvin Johnson and not a side view of the number 5 person. Calvin Johnson remembered one detective telling him, “I know you didn’t commit these crimes, but someone has to go down for this.” These incidents are what led Calvin Johnson to get life in prison without the possibility of parole. It is a clear case of another Black man’s life being destroyed at the hands of corrupt policemen in an unjust system; there was NO EVIDENCE of any kind to associate Calvin Johnson with this crime. The Innocence Project has accepted his case and is working diligently towards justice, but we still need your help!  At this time, Calvin Johnson has served 17 years and counting!! He is a loving father and dutiful son. Please help free an INNOCENT man. We demand justice for Calvin Johnson!