Cleaning and greening of Taimur Nagar Naala next to NFC.

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The Taimur Nagar Nalla next to Taimur Nagar is a hell hole of debris and waste. It’s a big breeder of mosquitos and a spreader of disease. It’s appalling that year after RWAs have approached every possible Civic body and local leaders to clean up this filth. But even under Swachh Bharat mission this Naala reeks of filth.

There are residences on both sides of this filth. It’s unimaginable that people are forced to live, eat and breathe beside the mess and environmental hazard as well. Fruit and vegetable vendors sit right next to this and buyers literally have to cover their faces when passing by or making purchases.

Our petition is basically to have this Nallah cleaned and an overhead parking  made so that residents can use it for parking and to have the entire area greened as well. 

As a members of the NFC RWA we have gone to every conceivable person to address this issue, but no action has been taken till date.