Gaur City Noida Extn Worst electricity & Maintenence issues no Gaur support

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In Noida extn Greater Noida West, Gaursons builder built hi tech Gaur city 1 & 2 a huge township having many avenues.Builder claims around 50000 families capacity total,15000 families almost shifted so far in last year since 2015.

We have mostly all required facilities in this township but the when it comes to fullfilling basic needs of common man in daily life,it is far behind of what was commited with every buyer flat owner while purchase in this hi-tech township.

All people are mainly suffering from daily electricity issue either Npcl daily day night long power cut/ frequent voltage flucation through npcl and gaur incapable setup power distribution system and daily maintenance related issues adds on over these.


1.High Maintenence chagres per flat is varying between 2500-4500 per month as per flat size.  Includes at least 500+ fix power charges and at least 345 per kva power backup.

2.Where this amount gets spend, zero transparency on it.No audit like such thing in place by flat owners representatives and no other audit.

3.Fixed power charges 100 rs per kva which is much more govt decided charges.Higher Power back up charges 16 rs per unit.

4.Common single meter to deduct Maintenence and electricity charges,no transparent bill.

5.Daily frequent power down and flucation due to required permissible power load supply distribution system not in place.Required 33kva sub station as per no of flats power load,should be at before possesion starts.Now after 2 yrs of possession situation is same.Gaur promised its installation in till Dec 2016 in.Still no sub station till date.

6.Gaur builder took already at least 5kva per flat power load charges (15000 rs per kva) while possession time.So he took money for all Required power load but did not setup required power load 33kva substation even after 2 yrs of possession.only 11kva power load system in place.Result in more fluctuations,more power cut even on external npcl supply,more on off power back up which turns to mental torture,incomplete sleep,all appliances like led,ac,fridge etc may be burst sooner or later.

7.Due to this incomplete power system most of the time Npcl power supply is coming won't be sufficient and it trips the whole avenue power then supply is provided by generator power backup with 16 rs per unit rate.Double attack on common man pocket.

8.Assigned Maintenence team managers dont do any work proactively.After many complaints and meetings with them they just give false assurance every time for most of the things.And time passess one by days,months and year.

Daily lift issue,parking issue,no transparent billing of monthly charges,high maintenance and power backup charges,hard water to drink and bath and other usage and many more...


9.NPCL Noida supply power to Gaur city,being a private company instead of providing good service,it's giving pathetic power supply service to us as well other area citizens.

Officers number are either wrong on npcl site or they are not reachable, customer  is worst,dont listen and response completely,cuts calls in middle.

10.As at least 5 kva power load is mandatory from Gaur builder with flat purchase.As per 100 rs per kva fixed chagres with respect to no of occupied flats in Gaur city around 5000 as of comes 5*100*5000= 25,00,000 (at least 25 lakh goes to Npcl alone from Gaur city 1 as fixed charges per month)

In Reverse we are getting unplanned daily day and night power cut which npcl calls it load shading..specially in night from 10 pm around till 2 or 3 pm on average basis.

11.Even after order of up cm Yogi ji for uninterrupted power supply in Noida like cities,Npcl does not full fill those orders.

NPCL doesn't bother about even such power supply to us.

Here in Gaur city electricity situation is much worst due to Npcl & Gaur week incomplete power distribution system (in comparison to near by villages where uppcl supply power,they are more happy in CM Yogi Ji ministry) 

Everyone is praising in Ghaziabad Noida where Uppcl supply power due to CM Yogi tight instructions on power supply,while we are facing daily mental and physical torture even spending on thousands of rupees on just Maintenence and electricity in Gaur city.

We all request all of you to take appropriate step and action so that we can live peacefully with all these required basis necessities.

Thanks & Regards

Common man living in Hi Tech Gaur City