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"Justice For Rocky"OR "Rocky's Law" - Need strong law(s) which stops US Shelters to kill healthy/adoptable dogs.


Many California residents, and Citizens across the nation are very concerned about who made the decision, and under what grounds the decision was made to Euthanize the dog named Rocky - ID #A452039 at San Bernardino County Shelter. Rocky has been at shelter since August of 2013, and has had Pet Harbor page that has had alternating dates. The last available date listed for Rocky was yesterday 3/5/14, available as Rescue Only. A rescue spoke with and committed to pull Rocky. Rocky's file was correctly noted. At the noon hour, the approved rescue puller arrived, and she was told that they could not release the dog. No valid reason for violating Hayden's law has been given for not releasing this dog. Within a needle prick's moment this dog's fate changed from 'Rescue Only', to "EUTHANIZED/KILLED".

The Shelter's response on 3/5/2014 at approx 12:45pm

The City/Police ordered Rocky to be destroyed.

A very well known Animal Activitist and San Bernardino City shelter volunteer, Maria Christina Sanchez, sent text to Allen Parker, the City Manager, who denied the order of killing Rocky by saying "totally untrue"

Another Volunteer and animal activitist, wrote to all the city officials for San Bernardino City and the four other cities that contract with San Bernardino City shelter. Sergeant Adam Affrunti, SBPD-Animal Control, wrote back saying,

"I believe there is a lot of misinformation out there that is causing most of the confusion. The fact is, that this animal was confiscated after he was involved in several attacks. After the court heard the case, the hearing officer ruled that Rocky was a “potentially dangerous dog” and put a number of restrictions on the owner to insure he was properly contained to prevent him from attacking anyone else. There are several laws governing these types of animals, and the reason for that is to ensure public safety. Being a public servant, I did not feel that Rocky should be released, even to a rescue, in order to insure the safety of the public, in my community or not. I am not sure why any rescue would believe that he was going to be released, I assure you I did not promise anyone I was going to release him. Again, I think this may have been part of that misinformation that has been floating around. The truth is, Rocky had manifested a severe behavior disorder that would not allow him to be suitable for placement as a pet. This is a misfortunate situation, and assure you we did everything we could to make his stay here as pleasant as possible."

Rocky had a Pet Harbor page on the internet listed with an available date and was noted as Rescue Only, no private adopters. The staff at San Bernardino City shelter also did note Rocky's file when the Rescue called to confirm a rescue pull. Never was it stated that this dog was not available to be rescued. More to the confusion is that a Hearing Officer would allow a "potentially dangerous dog" to be returned to his owner if the owner would have complied with the number of restrictions, and proper containment set at the Hearing. It is very confusing that perhaps a potentially irresponsible owner could have claimed his dog, but a responsible Rescue that funds Certified Trainers and appropriately kennels a dog of this nature is denied. Further adding more confusion, is that the staff and volunteers at San Bernardino City shelter loved this "potentially dangerous dog".

Rocky was never actually temperament tested by a Certified Temp Tester. We will never know what Rocky's true temperament was. Rocky was determined to be a potentially dangerous dog due to the irresponsible dog owner that did not train and contain his dog.

So far none of the city officials for San Bernardino City Shelter and the four other cities have replied to any of the emails send to them by the volunteers who came together to fight Rocky's War. Emails were send to Mayor & Governor office, calls were made to report Rocky's story and Publis Records Request (Rocky's case number is AC13-029) has been filed to learn the everything about this 2-3 year old Pitbull mix.

Rocky's case number is AC13-029. A public records request was made as on 03/10/2014 and a check send to City general's Office to buy copies of public record. Here is the letter from Steven Graham received via email and court papers. today.

ROCKY - ID #A452039

Rocky's Petharbor link:


Rocky's Facebook Link:

  San Bernardino City Shelter has always killed/euthanized an animal, regardless of their age, condition, when they knew rescue party was going to take that animal. The day Rocky was killed, they made the rescue/puller wait at the shelter door and then kill him saying "it was city's order"!! The very next day the shelter killed a beautiful healthy momma and her babies when the rescue had called hold the beautiful family over the phone. This is violation of Hayden law!! Period!!

We animal lovers and activitists want to know under which circumstances and Shelter code, Rocky or any such dogs are killed? Killing of healthy and adoptable dogs need to stop!! 




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