Impeach Sean Reyes - Attorney General - Utah

Impeach Sean Reyes - Attorney General - Utah

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Elna Hamp started this petition to Governor Gary R. Herbert and

Reyes joined 16 other attorneys general Wednesday in endorsing the Texas petition that seeks to invalidate the election results in four battleground states captured by President-elect Joe Biden – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin. The suit from Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calls for the 62 total Electoral College votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to be invalidated. If it is approved, that could swing the election to Trump, the Associated Press reports. The high court asked for responses by Thursday. Out of the roughly 50 lawsuits filed around the country contesting the Nov. 3 vote, Trump has lost more than 35 and the others are pending, according to an Associated Press tally.

In a prepared statement, the Utah Republican said his legal action is about ensuring faith in the electoral process and not about any one candidate or contest.  Reyes is signing on to arguments and bad-faith allegations already heard and dismissed by the courts.  Reyes purports to be doing this on the behalf of the state of Utah.  

Some facts to review:

Reyes has twice been elected using these “supposedly” fraudulent mail-in elections. During his tenure as attorney general, his office has not once charged a single voter with fraud.
The brief from the attorneys general also claims that election officials should not be afforded discretion to make decisions when it comes to administering elections.

But that is exactly what happened in Sanpete County, where 12,000 ballots were printed without the required signature line, yet election officials accepted them and counted them despite it being a violation of election law. Those ballots were counted, and they should be. But Reyes, as he noted in his news release, sat on the board of canvassers that officially certified Utah’s election results — despite the supposed rampant fraud that comes with mail-in elections and the flagrant election law violation in Sanpete County.

Would we want other states asking the Supreme Court to throw out the results in Utah — the same way Reyes is attempting to do to voters in four states?

The answer is no, and many prominent Utahns are standing up against his endorsement.   Here are a few:

1. Gov. Gary Herbert and Gov.-elect Spencer Cox called joining the lawsuit "an unwise use of taxpayers' money" and said they were not consulted about it. They released a statement Thursday:

“The Attorney General did not consult us before signing on to this brief, so we don’t know what his motivation is. Just as we would not want other states challenging Utah’s election results, we do not think we should intervene in other states’ elections. Candidates who wish to challenge election results have access to the courts without our involvement. This is an unwise use of taxpayers’ money.”

2. The Utah House Democratic Caucus said Reyes is misusing of the powers of his office by signing Utah into the lawsuit.

“Attorney General Sean Reyes tried stripping away healthcare from thousands of Utahns during a pandemic. Now, he wants to throw out election results in other states. He chooses partisanship over compassion. He chooses division over unity. Again and again, the Attorney General does not appear to be working for the well-being of all Utahns.

The role of our Attorney General is to uphold the constitution and respect the interests of our state. Reyes’ actions call for closer scrutiny and oversight of the Office of the Attorney General’s budget to ensure that the office is properly serving the interests of the state of Utah. The Attorney General should immediately withdraw Utah from this embarrassing and irresponsible lawsuit.”

3. Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah, also rebuked the attorney general: 

“I try to be a bridge-builder, but let’s be clear here, @SeanReyesUT is behaving like an idiot. He is embarrassing Utah by pursuing this lunacy,” Williams wrote on Twitter. “No, Utah is NOT seeking to overturn the election. SEAN REYES is. And he won’t do it in our name.”

4. In an emailed statement, Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson said,

“I am disheartened to see that Attorney General Sean Reyes continues to politicize an election that has now been decided for weeks. Right now is an opportunity for us to work together, across party lines to address issues of real concern. Our health systems are in crisis, so many lives have been lost, and our community is shaken. The last thing we need is more gamesmanship and manipulation from elected officials using public resources to perpetuate partisan schemes. We have all had enough.”

5.  On Monday, the United Utah Party criticized Reyes and called for a constitutional amendment to make the office of Utah attorney general nonpartisan.   Further comments on their website:

The question of the day is "why" - why jump on this sinking ship? Why waste taxpayer dollars on a lost cause? Is it because some state Attorney Generals are afraid of Trump? Or they think he might win in 2024 and want to be on his good side? Or maybe it is a diversion. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under a federal bribery investigation by the FBI. Those stories are now buried, though, because of the multitude of news stories about his attempt to sue other states. 

6.  Chase Thomas, executive director for Alliance for a Better Utah said,

“The basis of American democracy is that the people pick their leaders, leaders do not pick their voters. Sean Reyes’ continued effort to delegitimize a democratic election — one the federal government has deemed the ‘most secure in American history’ — by throwing out people’s votes is beyond the pale for a state attorney general. Escalating this partisan warfare to the Supreme Court can only be regarded as one final desperate Hail Mary in an attempt to maintain party control at the expense of the people. Sean Reyes’ partisan backflips continue to show that he is unfit to be Utah’s chief law enforcement officer. Utah leaders from all political parties should condemn his actions on behalf of our state.”

Reyes also announced he was taking time off to help President Donald Trump’s team fight legal battles and investigate voting problems on the ground in Nevada, where former Vice President Joe Biden won.  After his weekend trip, Reyes said in a written statement that he’d seen “evidence of voting irregularities that may have resulted in improper votes being counted or proper votes being rejected."

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford criticized Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes for saying he’d seen evidence of “voting irregularities” during a weekend visit, telling him to “mind his business," the Las-Vegas Review-Journal reported Wednesday.

Ford, a Democrat who noted that no evidence of voter fraud has emerged in the state, also told the Review-Journal that Reyes, a Republican, had not returned his phone calls or texts. And he characterized Reyes' claims about the state’s elections as “a disrespectful slap in the face.”

Clearly, Sean Reyes has other priorities than protecting and defending the Constitution. This petition calls for an investigation of Sean Reyes and his impeachment.   We need someone who puts Utah first!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!