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Order moratorium (15 days) on killing of animals at Roswell AC; appoint vet from the state board to instruct/oversee RAC's creation of humane protocol; allow rescue of animals w/o city's approval.

Impounded dogs are being destroyed at a rate of 50 per week for the sole purpose of vacating cages and under the directive of the Roswell City Government. These are highly adoptable dogs who are young and healthy on INTAKE, and whose health declines rapidly during their incarceration because no veterinary care or vaccinations are provided. Rescue organizations cannot retrieve the animals until a letter of agreement is signed between the organization and the city of Roswell. This letter contains questionable verbiage that requires private citizens to waive their FOURTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Rescues are open to signing an agreement that is more in line with the standards of other municipalities. The city also refuses to make Roswell Animal Control hours of operation more community friendly by allowing for adoptions on weekends or after 5 PM on weekdays, and makes no effort to return lost dogs to owners.


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