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Tennessee's schools need shut down during this flu season

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My name is Nicole Drinnon and I am trying to get the Hawkins county and city schools to close during this flu season to save my child and your children along with other family members... You turn on the news and all you hear is how the flu this year is killing people ...south Carolina has  reported 94 flu related deaths..tri cities in Tennessee has had 8 that I've heard of and many hospitalized...I think that we as parents should have the right to keep our children home to protect our families from the flu without Trauncy being an issue the lady I spoke with from the school board of health said its expected to last at least 6 more weeks goal here is to get the schools to close down or at least allow us as parents to do our job and protect our children while the flu is still active without getting into trouble for not sending our kids to school until flu is gone...PLEASE SIGN this petition and help me SAVE OUR KIDS!!!!!...while we are waiting to get this petition signed I feel that the schools should make each student wear masks and gloves throughout each school day and the school should provide these items...they should be passed out n made to be worn upon entering the school and school buses.... I don't know about you but my family is to important to chance death or hospitalization because the school says we need to send our kids...

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