Need to heal and desperately need your help.

Need to heal and desperately need your help.

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Laura Margosian started this petition to Governor Gary R. Herbert and

I was healthy, I was going to the gym, working full time (started working at 14 when living in Las Vegas to help my mom pay bills as my dad was mentally and physically abusive). 

Life was peachy before I got undiagnosed c.diff due to the Utah healthcare system who kept over-loading me on antibiotics to the point where I got was undiagnosed for 8-months.

Eventually, leading me to a GI who figured EVERYTHING out. I also started going to therapy, I am trying, I have not given up. Even if I feel like complete crap, I manage to write a poem or a blog about my disease to inform the world and help someone who might be starting their journey. 

This is where I need your help, many of you have not seen me since 2014 (literally).

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to work. Crohn's really made it impossible to hold a stable job. I can write on a laptop from the toilet (which is one of the only things keeping my head above water with hope). 

But without temporary help from the Utah government, I lay in bed with a heating pad hoping something will help (like the Humira) which seems to constantly change. 

I need to get healthy again before I can continue to follow my dreams in healthcare/film. 

I've been denied 2 times, I clearly fit the criteria as there were no jobs with my current situation available to me. The judge ruled in partial favor (thankfully)  but ended my disability as though I'm in remission the day I had court. 

I can pay my past medical bills but will have nothing to further help me with the procedures I need in order to stay on top of my Crohn's disease. I am still sick and feel even more helpless. 

My husband works fulltime and oftentimes, overtime just to get my medications, doctor appoints and procedures that cost 2,000+ just to get an idea of what goes on inside my stomach. 

All I can say is, compare this to the worst case of food poisoning you've ever had with carpet burn on the inside of my intestine, it burns, it disables me to the point I can't even finish folding laundry by myself. 

Before, I was working a full-time job, helping charities and trying to make this world a better place than I found it. 

I give and I don't regret it but there are people who abuse the system and make it difficult for those like myself to get the proper help and understanding that is needed because I don't fit into the statistics of most with Crohn's disease, I push my butt as much as possible, every day. 

I'm thankful that I will be able to pay my past bills (Humira is about 14k a shot) I take that every single week. Insurance and their program have helped but the procedures can't be done with just one person working, one car, conflicting schedules and basically no relief. 

It hurt me when I first heard my provider say I was disabled and all records show my struggle and patience but nobody seems to listen or trust when it comes to the system. 

I don't care if it's for a year, one year of no stress can put me in remission but right now it's just starting to get worse for me. My disease is unpredictable. The state I live in doesn't seem to truly care. 

There are others out there who are in my position so hopefully, this petition can serve as an example for those who don't "fake," their disability and essentially ruin it for those of us who truly need help. 

I worked hard as a CNA, I took care of patients with this disease and it's not easy on them, little did I know then, I would soon be a patient.

I need all the help I can get, I just want to be myself again. Please help me by signing this petition, so I can take it to court and properly express to the judge how things are at this very moment. I haven't seen friends in months to years. I need your support more now than ever. 

This petition will be sent to the Disability Law Center, as well as Jared Fields, who is the Associate General Counsel, Vivint Solar. 

Further, Jared is an in-house attorney responsible for litigation and government enforcement actions for Vivint Solar in Lehi, Utah. Before going in-house, Jared was a partner in the Salt Lake City office of Snell & Wilmer, where he concentrated his practice in commercial litigation.

Jared has had several family members and friends who have lived with physical disabilities, mental illness, and learning disabilities. He appreciates the services which the DLC provides to members of the community.

We all deserve help, we worked hard for it and those of us who are honest should not be punished due to those who are not and I do feel as though they treat me like a "statistic," I feel as though my honesty has gotten me nowhere and trust me, talking about how much pain you are in all the time to your family and friends makes you feel like a burden. 

I don't want to talk about myself anymore, I want to heal and have the quality of life again. I want to not be stuck in bed starring at a wall because even having the TV on is literally too much. 

I'm not sure what more to say, I am just looking for some support here, thank you ahead of time. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!