Urge “shelter in place” order for the state of Utah

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On March 22nd 2020, it was announced that Utah had its first death related to COVID-19. If we do not take further measures to control this virus, this could be the first of hundreds and potentially thousands in the state of Utah. 

Although “social distancing” has been advocated and practiced among most of Utah, we are learning the hard way from other countries, states and cities that have been harder hit by this virus that social distancing is not enough to control this pandemic. 

We only have a short window of time to get ahead of this virus before the hospital systems in Utah get overwhelmed with patients affected by COVID-19. If this happens, we will not be able to give adequate resources and care to all patients seriously affected by this virus or to people that are afflicted by other serious medical conditions. 

Social distancing is not enough. We have the opportunity to save countless lives by enacting a “shelter in place” order. This petition is meant to urge Governor Gary Herbert of his responsibility to protect the people that he serves and immediately enact a “shelter in place” order for all of Utah. This would include only leaving ones place of residence for essential duties.