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Run for President of the United States - 2012

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We The People petition former US Senator and presidential candidate, Gary Hart, hidden hero of our republic and 9/11, to run for president to help us recover and strengthen the soul and principles of our republic, our livelihoods and our liberties. 

The ensuing debate will not only expose the Wall Street banksters but confirm our republic's  essential need for an educated and gainfully employed citizenry. 

Imagine a true debate for the soul and future direction of our republic!

The successful nominee will then be empowered to truly battle our opponents without fear or favor from friend or foe to move our nation in the right direction. 

Here's part of what Gary Hart wrote recently on our behalf:

“The voters of this country, and particularly the functional 15% (or more) of the unemployed, and the parents raising their kids in the back seats of cars, and a lot of the rest of us are going to have to stand up in 2012. …. Unless private interests that control America’s wealth begin to put this country first and do what should be done to create jobs, they should not be surprised to see a nation that has been tilting right begin to do what it has done under similar circumstances and demand action by our Government.”

Gary Hart, August 28, 2011

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