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Gary Bettman & the NHL: Save the hockey season - #NoLockout

Gary Bettman and the NHL owners have locked out the players yet again. We will not stand by while they ignore us, the fans.

I got so pissed off when I heard Gary Bettman say that he plans to lockout the players for the third time on September 15 unless there is a new agreement with the players. I created a YouTube video to tell other angry fans to raise their voices and demand the season starts on time. Over 1,250,000 people have already watched my video!

I made a new video to raise awareness. Sign and spread the petition and end the lockout!

So do we stay mute? Or raise our voice!?

Demand a hockey season.

This petition was delivered to:
  • NHL Commissioner
    Gary Bettman
  • Sr. V.P., Public Relations & Media, NHL
    Gary Meagher

    Janne Makkonen started this petition with a single signature, and won with 35,381 supporters. Start a petition to change something you care about.