Make Gritty Essential: A Plea to the NHL

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Greetings from me, Gritty. It is with great care that I write to you all in my most desperate, but also most energized, hour. My quest has been long and treacherous, but I cannot quit now. It is time for me to put on my big boy pants, two legs at a time, and do this the mature way. An e-petition. 

I have made numerous attempts to contact the great Gary Bettman with no avail. I even tried to send a carrier goose. I understand he is an incredibly busy fella, but I thought our relationship meant more. This is why you shouldn’t work with friends.  It is with this public display of desperation that I hope to reach Gar and come to a unified decision regarding my attendance at Flyers games this season.

Without me, where is the joy? Where is the artistry? Where is the downright tomfoolery that delicately balances with the on-ice battles and displays of athletic prowess? One cannot simply exist without the other. 

I promised the world at the brink of quarantine that I would be the orange light of hope and those plans haven’t changed. As a mascot, I have a duty, a responsibility, and I simply ask that you open your hearts to grant me permission to do what I love for the sport you all love. Let's get weird.