Petitioning Garuda Indonesia Airlines and 4 others
This petition was delivered to:
Garuda Indonesia Airlines
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Fritz Partogi P. Hutapea
Fritz Partogi P. Hutapea
Lion Airlines
Rusdi Kirana

Garuda Airlines, LionAir, and Indonesia carriers: Please stop the transportation of shark fins


Indonesia is the World's leader in shark fin exports.  Some areas have completely depleted shark existence which has lead and caused the destruction of marine habitats.  Other areas are now suffering from an imbalance of marine ecosystems.  The Oceans are now dying.

Letter to
Garuda Indonesia Airlines
Vice President, Corporate Communications pujobroto
Fritz Partogi P. Hutapea Fritz Partogi P. Hutapea
and 2 others
Lion Airlines
CEO Rusdi Kirana
Please stop the transportation of shark fins & products. It is not part of your core business and the results of such has already resulted in devastation to much of Indonesia's natural resources.

Please take this opportunity to set an example to your peers and the future.
Your core business and grandchildren with thank you in the long run!
------ In Bahasa ------
Mohon hentikan pengangkutan sirip hiu beserta produk hiu lainnya. Itu bukan merupakan bagian dari bisnis inti perusahaan anda; dan akibat dari hal tersebut telah menyebabkan banyaknya kerusakan pada sumber daya alam Indonesia.
Mohon manfaatkan kesempatan ini untuk memberikan contoh bagi perusahaan penerbangan lainnya dan untuk masa depan.
Bisnis inti anda dan juga generasi masa depan akan berterima kasih nantinya !