Port Garry's Mod to Next-Generation Consoles (PS4, Xbox One)

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Port Garry's Mod to Next-Generation Consoles (PS4, Xbox One)

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GoodGuy Gaming started this petition to Facepunch Studios Garry Newman

Over the past year Garry's Mod has gained massive popularity with Youtube channels like Pewdiepie, Vanoss, and etc making videos on it. The bad thing is that this game is restricted to only PC and not consoles. What I and many others want is there to be Garry's Mod on PS4 and Xbox One. We understand having Garry's Mod on consoles would be problematic and all but hear us out. It would be great if when the game launches there only be WORKING gamemodes for the consoles. And as time goes on more and more gamemodes that work without bugs would be brought to the consoles. It would also be nice for there to be cross-play on the platforms (Consoles can play with eachother). Of course it would HOPEFULLY have the option to rent servers. And since Garry's Mod isn't that hard to run then the settings should be fairly great.

These are the settings I hope the game would run at:

PS4 and Xbox One:

Resolution: 1920x1080

Model Quality: High

Texture Quality: High

Shaders: High

Water Detail: Reflect All

Shadow Detail: High

Anti-Aliasing: x2

Anistrophic Filtering: x16

FPS: 30 or 60

FOV: 90

Multicore Rendering: 8 Cores

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This petition had 665 supporters

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