Garden Bros Circus - Stop Exploiting Animals For Entertainment

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Garden Bros. Circus has the honor of being dubbed the "worst circus" due to numerous U.S. Department of Agriculture reports of animal mistreatment and neglect.

This year Garden Bros has partnered with fellow animal abuser Larry Carden. Larry Carden owns and handles Bo and Betty two Asian elephants. Larry comes with a long rap sheet of federal animal-welfare violations.

Garden Bros. and it's animal contractors have received over a hundred citations from the USDA for mistreatment of the performing animals in their care.

We have been investigating both the Garden Bros Circus and Larry Carden for years and have seen first hand the abuse and suffering that the animals in their care endure.

Aside from animal abuse, this circus has also been denied permits in Canada and Georgia for recurrent tent collapses, a snapped safety net that caused a performer to fall into the crowd, and circus employee shootouts. Local newspapers across the U.S. have reported outstanding debts when Garden Bros. left town, and several states have sued for "deceptive" business practices.

The public is becoming increasingly aware of the abuse and corruption involved in the circus and other animal entertainment industries. It’s time for animal circuses to end their longstanding tradition of animal cruelty and exploitation!