Close down Kerang Puppy Factory Immediately

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On 17 may 2014 Channel 7 aired a news story on the Gannawarra Breeding Establishment at 80 Kooroop Road, Kerang, Vic, 3579. It featured footage of dogs living in total darkness in an old condemned piggery with little stimulation, lack of bedding and lack of basic care that any dog needs. Some of the dogs were terrified due to lack of social interaction from humans and also had not been groomed in a long period of time with matting to their coats. There were no day yards present outside the shed they were housed, in suggesting that they were there in the shed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The lack of proper waste control is evident and unsafe environment to house these dogs without them being harmed. The bitches are bred every season, delivering a litter of pups that she raises and then they are taken from her. None of these dogs are health checked nor health cleared of known inheritable problems prior to getting in pup and with little concern on the welfare of these dogs nor the pups the bitches are carrying they pose a high risk of giving birth to pups with inherited genetic and health problems arising from the environment they are in. This in turn creates heartache for the families who have grown to love these dogs as they were under the belief that they were brought up in a loving family environment where mum and dad could play in the sun, sleep inside on a warm bed and are given every bit of veterinary care that is needed to produce a “healthy” pup. It is fraud, obtaining money by deception, It is animal abuse, denying these dogs the basic rights of veterinary care (chargeable under the POCTA). Instead, some families have had unhealthy dogs that have had repeated trips back to the vets to treat the health problems that could and should have been avoided if they were bred ethically. This establishment has been in operation since 2004. Many of the residents of the Gannawarra Shire had no idea that this was operating right in their home town. They are appalled that they have repeatedly been issued permits to continue trading as a Breeding Establishment and allowed to get away with the continued abuse, well hidden from authorities due to routine well announced visits by the shire, which allows them ample time to move excess dogs and those that are not in good health off the property.

We are asking the Gannawarra Shire to revoke any permits that are pertained to the breeding establishment at 80 Kooroop Road, Kerang, Vic, 3579 and close it down on a permanent basis.

We are also asking for the ban all sales of any dogs off that property and the dogs be handed over to reputable rescue organisations where they can be given the necessary veterinary treatment that has been lacking in recent years, rehabilitated and rehomed to homes that match each dogs needs.

We do not want Puppy Farms, we want the abuse to stop NOW                       

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