Stop Shark Exploitation in Karimunjawa - Please start Investigation!

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Dear readers,  

As traveler and lover of Indonesian nature/environment I feel that it's my responsiblity to raise the issue of Shark Exploitation/Cruelty in Karimunjawa Island (Jawa Tengah) and ask for a further investigation to improve conditions and if possible: Setting the sharks free! 

Please sign this petition to help Indonesia to develop a more responsible, sustainable tourism: For human and animal. The trigger of setting up this petition was that my Instagram post/picture went viral with thousands of reactions and messages to the bad situation I described --> (Instagram: @FredNeust)

Current condition

Sharks, different sizes and age-range, are held captive in a small "sea water pool" with the targeting of luring tourists to take pictures with the sharks. (Even me, to be honest, came there initially to take a picture for my Instagram.) 

It is a big Unique-Selling-Point for beautiful Karimunjawa as tourism destination and is referred as main attraction, even on 

Local workers are casting/angling/leading the Sharks with dead fish in the direction of the tourists to take pictures. The pool does not contain other fish or sea plants, but a bit of waste/rubbish. People are entering the pool with dirty clothes and stressing/provoking the sharks with loud/hectic behavior.

Some of the local workers say they breed and raise some of the sharks there, but there is no evidence and the conditions are not fair. There is the suspicion - without proof- that the sharks are caught first and then brought to this place. 

Overall the conditions are inappropriate for this species and need to be improved urgently


I wish that more influential people than me get aware of the problem and help to find a solution. Hopefully, inspiring decision makers as Susi Pudjiastuti, Riyanni Djangkaru, Ridwan Kamil and Ganjar Pranowo will take notice and bring change! 

Solution approaches

A closure compensation payment to operators might be considered 


A donation/fund can be used to improve the overall conditions for the sharks and train the workers how to treat animals right If they increase breeding sharks, the process needs to be regulated and controlled to ensure appropriate treatment. 

An investigation has to be made if sharks are getting caught and capture there or not. 

Additional comment: Local workers 

For me, it is important that not the local workers at this place get criticized. They are just part of an incorrect system that needs to be improved. 

I do not want people to lose their jobs, so I do vote for a fair transfer to continue working in Tourism, but Eco-tourism.

Maybe they could get a job as "guards "to look after the sea world around the islands. Lots of corals are destroyed and people don't take care if they step on and destroy the sea life.  

For the sake of sustainable Ecotourism and that we all and our children's children have something from our beautiful Indonesia, thank you for signing this. #UntukIndonesia  

And I need to add, I am thankful for having me "Bule" here. I do not want to act like I know this country best. It's just about giving something positive back with a small change. I do respect Indonesia on the highest level, want to spend my life here, so I am honored to live in this beautiful country that we should be all proud of -  even if some things are not working well yet. I am optimistic for our future!  

Dimana ada kemauan, di situ ada jalan! Semangat!