Gangstalking | Targeted Individuals | Donation Fund Program (HELP!)

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We need to work together as a unit to really have any change or effect

we need to be organized and gain leverage by numbers just as the people

targeting us. We need to grow a community & the only way to do this

is to reach masses with our proof evidence testimonies  and experiences with Gangstalking as a direct Targeted Individual.

I have started a website with a FORUM & a BLOG that we can all post our proof evidence and testimony which is what we need every TI in one place posting everything under one website I am a professional online affiliate marketer and have 10 years experience in SEO web development & anything to do with advertising  on social media. I can get our stories to millions, But the only thing stopping us from reaching millions is the advertising budget but if we can build a community in this one website one location and get 100,000 TI's in one forum showing proof and us being a gang ourselves fighting against the gang stalkers and agencies tormenting us & heavily burdening our lives. We can only win by numbers. The goal is lets first build the community which is what gives us power by numbers just as our stalkers then also we are more credible when we have 100k people all saying the same thing and donating/investing to the cause shows commitment and seriousness of an end result which would obviously mean there is something happening that is real and truly effecting millions and is illegal and we need money to pay for advertising to reach missions grow the community by paying for traffic targeting only people that have been victimized by Gangstalking  directing them to our community website so they can sign a petition donate $1-$5 a monthly subscription AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL to bring us all together so we can conversation and exchange ideas plans of deference and attack in retaliation on a civil level & the more proof we all post on this website Google crawls much better and will be seen and the site will be bumped first on Google giving us Organic traffic for everyone who is searching Gangstalking & Targeted Individuals which will expose all our content and proof videos and documents and evidence will now be first on Google and seen by millions for years & I can monetize the traffic generating income for us and eventfully our own currency system I can then distribute back to Targeted Individuals through a support fund program. So this can empower all of us in the future and in numbers and proof and God on our side we can shut this program down or silence it and make the world aware then they can bully us or isolate us because to many people are watching and they can be caught and held responsible. This is the only way we are going to win against them we have to work together WE HAVE to support each other, Post proof in the forum and blog and we HAVE to keep it all in one location online which will benefit through SEO & Google indexing. This in the long run will change everything empower us financially & make us no longer look mentally unstable by the masses because we are so on point organized and committed to this movement and exposing it to millions we have a action plan in place we are all investing donating and making this possible together which will totally catch this system off guard and  put it to and end and then we can take legal criminal action together 100,000 of us with proof and documentation and numbers to present to the court.. This is exactly what they think we are not cable of because they want us to be scattered all over the place stressed out freaking out but if we calm down take leadership and work together < on this plan everything is in place perfectly to execute this is the best time.. So PLEASE! Lets do this together I have a big responsibility by organizing this and I feel I was destined by God & by truth. This is my gift & my purpose, I have a plan for the finding which will be most effective and long term will actually fund everyone back and all who donate can be documented for repay and as a member supporter of this movement so in the future you will benefit from many things established out of this plan. But this plan will not work without us. Without you Without Donations - investing & Committing to this as a mass unit. Have faith in me and this community and we will be as big as Facebook one day all millionaires lets flip the script I have big plans for all of us we are few and rare unique people, We are TI's for a very specific reason. We need to take our authority and power back this is how its going to be done. Please Support & Donate anything you can so I can advertise this website and petition create awareness and we can get justice on a mass scale. Legally, Spiritually, Financially breaking free from suppression< Slavery & poverty. This is mass Genocide. Please Donate to this and sign this petition if your serious about changing this once and for all. We have to come together! @CoryResilient   aka @SincereMuzic - Cory Weagant call me if needed - 226-336-6105 OFFICIAL COMMUNITY WEBSITE/FORUM FOR VICTIMS OF GANGSTALKING - TARGETED INDIVIDUALS -