Make Self Defense and SRE mandatory in all schools in INDIA

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India is a free country so even kids should have a right to live here with freedom.

In our country, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes, women are raped every 29 minutes and dowry death happens occurs every 77 minutes.  

Recent study shows, in India there is only one cop for every 663 members of the public. It is of prime important that everyone, including every child in India should be able to take responsibility of their safety and be trained to protect themselves 24X7.

Children today are subjected to pressures in schools that many of us could barely imagine. To widespread access to item songs, nude pictures, condom advertisements, kissing and romantic scenes, porn movies - the school environment has changed, but education has not yet changed. Molestation of children - girls and boys - has increased, but still parents and educators are generally reluctant to take steps to teach children about boundaries and how to protect them.

While some parents may speak to their children about these issues individually, not all will, and sadly some children will already be experiencing sexual abuse at home or in school. We owe every child clear, age-appropriate information, so they can understand what is "good touch" and "bad touch", whom should they talk if they are confused; abuse isn’t normal, and so that children learn how to navigate healthy relationships.

There are few colleges and schools in India, who are already giving self-defence training and Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) awareness sessions in India, so why can't all of them do this?

This is your chance to help make a difference, by ensuring that government makes Self-Defence and SRE awareness mandatory in all schools starting from age of four onwards.  This petition is an appeal to add these two streams in National Policy on Education (NPE).  

Let’s empower our child for a better future. I want my child to be self-aware, independent and live a life of Azaad Hindustani, do you ?

If yes, then please sign this petition.

With Self-defence and SRE education becoming mandatory in schools, kids will be more aware and will be guardians for themselves.