Pass Guidelines for #SwachhWorship At All Religious Places

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I feel proud, to see the world finally noticing India’s Swachh Bharat Mission and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi being conferred the Goalkeepers Global Goals Award for his government's Swachh Bharat programme by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

As a homemaker turned Social Activist, who strongly believes about cleanliness and hygiene, I am doing my bit for the Swachh Bharat goal. I am maintaining high standards of hygiene and sanitation in my home, and helping keep my constituency in Bengaluru clean.

But it’s not enough to have public toilets and clean homes if our public spaces are not Swachh. For a country of a billion people who operate so much on our faith, it’s time we use our faith to move mountains: the mountains of waste we create in our religious places. 

The bulk of flowers, leaves, fruit peels, coconut shells, milk and curd are not properly disposed in most religious places. As such, an opportunity to convert these materials into something valuable is lost, and leads to unhygienic conditions.

We are all guilty of not thinking about this. I want to change this by starting a petition, as charity begins at home; I’m focusing on my own state of Karnataka.

Join me in asking the Karnataka Government to issue and enforce guidelines for #SwachhWorship at all religious places with a focus on

  • Placing an adequate number of dustbins and separate bins for biodegradable and dry waste
  • Appointing ‘Swachhata Police’ to ensure people are keeping the surroundings clean and that dustbin are regularly monitored and cleared.
  • Encouraging devotees and visitors to bring their own container for prasaad or use dried leaf packaging for distributing fruits and sweets.
  • Tying up with vendors (or setting up process directly) that convert flower waste into incense sticks, natural dyes, soaps and other products that can be sold at the temples or elsewhere or installing organic waste converters to turn wet and dry organic waste into holy compost
  • Use of the ingredients used for Abhisheka for bio-gas plants.

Help me clean up all our places of worship by signing and sharing my petition today. I believe every signature will make a huge difference. 

Kaveri Kedarnath
B.CLIP Civic Leader
Bangalore Political Action Committee