Stop Destroying Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad

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As reported by Jansatta on 28th September 2019, 200 historic houses of Gandhi Ashram which has the highest heritage value as well as Gandhian values are to be demolished to fulfill yet another dream of one man - Narendra Modi - to convert the ashram into a plaza.

This petition is to stop the government from invading Gandhi Ashram's houses of historic value and also to preserve the autonomy of the trust over Government.

As mentioned on the official website of Gandhi Ashram -

Gandhiji selected a place on the bank of the river Sabarmati very close to the Saint Dadheechi’s temple as well as from Jail and a crematorium. Gandhi used to remark, "This is the right place for our activities to carry on the search for Truth and develop Fearlessness for on one side are the iron bolts of the foreigners and on the other, thunderbolts of mother nature." After building a few essential structures, activities of the Ashram commenced in 1917.

On the 150th birthday, 2nd October, Narendra Modi is going to announce this destructive plan for Gandhi Ashram which itself is ironic for the day and for the Gandhian values. Gandhi Ashram has always been on an international level as it is the symbol of freedom fight and fearlessness. Its international repute is not on the basis of the beauty of the buildings but by the history which is preserved in the originality of the place.

Trustees who are supposed to preserve the values and the physical buildings of the Ashram are not practicing the same when it comes to preserving the autonomy of the Ashram and preserving the heritage value of Gandhi Ashram.

In last few years, Gandhi Ashram has been in the apathetic hands of various trustees and directors and hence it has reached to this point where they are allegedly ready to hand it over to Narendra Modi who represents the ideology which believes in glory of Godse. 

(1) Trustees and other unauthorized people who have been using self-interest to invade the Gandhi Ashram properties and making unlawful modifications.

(2) Gandhi Ashram has been the iconic space and world leaders have visited the space without fail on their visit to India or Gujarat. The original value of Gandhi Ashram lies in it's current raw form and converting the entire Ashram into a plaza is proposed in this leaked plan.

(3) 200 families will lose their decades old homes and will be moved near to the sewage treatment plant, putting their lives in danger.

Gandhi Ashram has always seen the remarkable flow of visitors from across the world and without making it a commercial tourism spot. Government is said to be planning to spend crores of rupees, causing the displacement of thousands of residents and dysfunctioning of various gandhian organisations in the premises.

Along with the buildings and displacement of the people - it is a direct attack on the values of Gandhi and a possible conspiracy to hijack the entire premise and modify that to suit the agenda of the stated ideology.

I urge every person who stands for the sanctity of Gandhi Ashram, who stands for the heritage value of these old houses and museum, who stands for preserving Gandhi - to sign this petition demanding STOP ANY PLAN TO MODIFY OR CHANGE GANDHI ASHRAM PHYSICALLY OR IN OTHER SENSE.