Atlas Reactor: Game Reactivation

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Atlas Reactor, a free-to-play multiplayer turn-based strategy game that was rated positive by 82% of 5054 Steam reviews and sits at 81 on Metacritic. A game that was cleverly designed, well balanced, engaging, easy to pick up but hard to master and most importantly a great amount of fun. A game that was not about perks or pay-to-win but a fair battle of wits, constantly fresh and surprising, basically a frantic team-based game of chess with an excellent ever-growing variety of characters to pick for gameplay variation. A game that was poorly marketed, had a less than optimal business model and was consequently shut down for the wrong reasons...

This petition aims to bring back this gem that was a breath of fresh air in the online multiplayer only market, which featured some unique gameplay mechanics not present in any other game to date and which had the ability and potential to hook you with 15-20min. matches for countless hours (my personal playtime clocking in at a total of over 3000h). Gamigo AG, the current owner of the IP, needs to be informed about this potential by all of you fans who have fond memories of this game and also by all of you interested in this unique game, who might have missed out on it due to the aforementioned poor marketing.

Let them know they did the wrong thing, let them re-think their approach to this IP and, most importantly, show them we care about Atlas Reactor!

Thank you very much for your support. Thanks for sharing this petition with everyone you think might be interested, too.

"Time to make an impression!"