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Reboot Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

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Greetings everyone, I'm here to ask if anyone who is a fan of World War II games would like to support to reboot a game from 2008 called Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.  The reason is that the game unfortunately got slammed by critics and gamers alike because of its gameplay like low graphics, dumb AI, lack of characterization, and short campaign.  While this game to me is a guilty pleasure, I know that it's gameplay was done badly, but the real reason why I think it should be rebooted is its lore and setting.  Here's its lore from the game's Wikipedia page.

"Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is based on an alternate history by Stephen R. Pastore where the point of divergence occurs with Winston Churchill's death in 1931 from being hit by a cab while visiting New York City, instead of surviving.[8] Nine years later, without his foresight and leadership, the United Kingdom falls to the Third Reich in 1940 after the British Royal Air Force was defeated by the German Luftwaffe, achieving air supremacy, and Operation Sea Lion was launched, forcing Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to surrender to Nazi Germany. This allows Germany to sweep through the other surrounding countries virtually unopposed. The Third Reich invades the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa unhampered, and conquers large amounts of territory and many Russian cities, including Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Moscow. After numerous German victories decimate the disorganized Russians, the Red Army and Joseph Stalin surrender to the Wehrmacht and Adolf Hitler. The non-aggression pact Stalin made with Germany prior to the invasion left him without any allies to back him up. The Nazis also help their Italian allies conquer North Africa, creating Benito Mussolini's "New Roman Empire". Japan sweeps through Asia unopposed using Germany's captured Middle Eastern and Soviet oil, which makes any U.S. oil embargo against Japan useless. Various resistance groups form in occupied Europe against the oppressive regime. They are unable to do much against the Nazis, and many are crushed. Even peaceful demonstrations against Nazi occupation are met with fierce hostility.[9] During the war, the United States chose an isolationist policy, implemented by Republican president Thomas E. Dewey (who defeated Harry S. Truman in 1948).

A period of development follows the success of the Axis Powers, transforming conquered Europe, Asia and Africa into the Greater German Reich and allowing allies Japan and Italy to share in the prosperity; at the same time, the Nazis start engineering and mass-producing many of their Wunderwaffen, including jet fighters, super-heavy tanks, and high-tech bombers. This advanced technology makes Germany the strongest nation on the planet. With the war essentially over, the people of the world wonder why the weapons are being developed, and what is the purpose of the build-up. This causes rising tensions between the now technologically superior German Reich and the United States, one of the few nations that is still free from Nazi rule. The United States and the rest of the League of Nations continue to condemn the actions of Nazi Germany in the occupied territories, but make no attempts to stop them, as the U.S. is still dominated by anti-war sentiment.

When secret plans for an American invasion by German and Japanese forces are found by the British Resistance, codenamed Operation Humpback Whale, Germany and Japan are quick to deny it, saying these accusations are ludicrous. President Dewey believes their lies, and continues his isolationist policies, refusing to stock up on arms and increase the size of the military in case of a possible invasion. The invasion plans turn out to be true, however, and Operation Humpback Whale is launched in 1953, with a combined German/Japanese offensive striking at the United States on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts."

To me, this alone is the sole reason why this game needs a reboot.  Though this time will be different, while the reboot will still have the same lore, it should also have a greater deal to its gameplay as well with a longer and compelling campaign with a weaker US fighting a much stronger enemy on their home terf.  Weapons that are both advance but also fit the time period of America and Germany.

In fact, I even created a Google Document about ideas for a potential Turning Point reboot.  It talks about changes to gameplay, campaign, and lore to the game that could make it better in a rebooted version.  Its ongoing, in that I'm still adding things in it and you can check it out in this link Turning Point Ideas and you can comment or write down your own ideas for the Gdoc whether it be advise or something that is on your mind.  And if your interested in playing the original game, my advise it to check on Ebay where you'll find a low price for the game (range $5-$10) on any platform.

So please, if anyone who loves WW II games and are interested in the scenario should sign this petition to make this game great in a reboot.


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