Have a Network Pick Up KING OF THE NERDS for Season 4

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On September 4th, 2015, Curtis Armstrong (@curtisisbooger), host of King of the Nerds, tweeted this:

"Dearest nerds! Deeply sorry to announce that @KingofNerdsTBS will not be returning for a 4th season. Hard to find words now. #nerdsrule"

In case you want to know what that was about, it kind of says it all in the tweet, but I'm going to go into a little more detail. Curtis was tweeting about "King of the Nerds," my favorite show of all time, getting canceled by TBS, the network which has held the show for 3 seasons, all of which have received fantastic ratings. Granted they declined every single season, but they were still fantastic, even season 3 which was in the "Friday night death slot." Throughout each season, there was an extremely active and respectful fanbase which supported the show. This fanbase, which I am in, is still desperate for the show's return. When we were trying to get a third season, we tried our absolute hardest to warn TBS through various methods that we WANTED the show more than anything else. We did the same for season 4, in fact, I think we may have tried even harder. I still try to get attention for people to renew this show, I don't even work for the show, I'm just a teenager living in Massachusetts. I wanted to be try to become a contestant on this show one day, and without this show I can't do that. I spoke on Twitter with one of the producers, and he said he'll be waiting for my audition tape. There are SO MANY BITS OF INFORMATION I can talk about when it comes to this show, but I don't want to rant forever and ever. I am 17 years old, I don't live in LA, I don't really have much authority in the show, but I talked with several folks behind the show, and they deeply miss the show too. In fact, now that I mentioned it, that's one of the things I missed most, getting to know the contestants on the show, during each episode, and even online. They are so nice to fans and it is overall a wonderful community of people.

I tagged two channels here that I hope would listen to this. Game Show Network and Syfy. I'm going to list a bunch of factors and reasons that I feel would make these channels an excellent fit for "King of the Nerds."

GSN: (1) Reality show experience (Skin Wars). (2) Has given away over $100,000 (prize given to the show's winner) before. (3) Can bring a new audience to the channel (one that could possibly get into game shows considering game shows are nerdy). (4) Has revived shows before (Pyramid, Minute to Win It, The Newlywed Game, and 1 vs. 100). (5) I'm not saying this has to be certain, but if Skin Wars gets another season, King of the Nerds can air new episodes during a time when Skin Wars is not airing new episodes, and they can take turns at creating new episodes and airing them.

Syfy: (1) The channel itself, is nerdy. (2) Show partially involves having a knowledge in science fiction, fantasy, and nerd culture. (3) This can bring a new audience to the network that may be interested in reality shows. (4) Show could ask questions in a quiz bowl having to due with Syfy original programming. (5) Doesn't need a high budget, granted it is recommended that the budget isn't low, but it doesn't need to be large.

If there are any channels that see this besides GSN and Syfy and think this show is a good fit, please keep this in mind, because people WANT this. In fact, I'd go as far to say that people NEED this. This, from 2013-2015, was an entertaining reality competition that knows its demographic, and inspired many people to be comfortable with who they are. To those who haven't seen this: if you are a nerd, you'll love this show, if you have ever been left out, you'll love this show, if you have ever loved something so much that you'd never give it up for anything, you'd love this show. All else I can say now is if you want this show back, PLEASE sign this!