G2A: Stop selling indie titles on your platform

G2A: Stop selling indie titles on your platform

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Started by Mike Rose

G2A, the online games reselling website, says that just 8% of games sold on their platform come from "indie" titles, while the other 92% come from the reselling of "AAA" titles: https://www.g2a.com/news/latest/g2a-vows-to-pay-devs-10x-the-money-proven-to-be-lost-on-chargebacks/

However, developers of indie titles make up the vast majority of people who make games. Meanwhile, G2A's platform hurts indie devs time and time again, by allowing anyone to sell illegitimate keys for their games online, with incredible ease, and no ramifications or checks.

This has always been an ongoing issue for many years, and the issue reared its head again recently, when myself and other prominent industry people asked players to pirate our games over using G2A: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/developers-tell-people-to-pirate-their-games-instead-of-using-g2a/

So the solution is surely simple: We request that G2A does not allow the selling of keys for indie titles anymore.

G2A says that they do care about the games industry, the industry they profit from every day. We suggest that G2A could surely take an 8% hit to their sales, if it means making 99% of developers in the industry happier, and allowing us to retain the perceived value of our games.

By doing this, G2A could show that they genuinely care, and the industry would no doubt grow more quickly as a result, eventually filling that 8% that G2A were missing from our games.

6,541 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!