Gambling Act Review & Separation of Skilled Betting Events From 'Casino' Style Betting

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This petition is in reference to the current review into the Gambling Act and the suggestion by some campaigners that restrictive affordability limits are introduced to betting accounts held by recreational sports bettors.

The reason for our concern is what we would define as skilled betting on sports should not be treated in the same way as unskilled gambling on online casinos, slots or bingo.

Many of us spend many hours studying sports markets and would equate what we do to someone investing in the stock market.

You do not have to face invasive affordability checks with this investing and we believe the prospect of having to send bookmakers bank statements and wage slips is a huge breach of privacy, a significant data risk and a gross infringement of liberty.

As well as this, we would argue that this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut solution, as evidence shows online slots and casino games have comparatively higher rates of problem gambling than, for example, horse betting.

Introducing affordability checks for sports betting will simply drive punters to unregulated markets and hit the treasury revenues at a time the Country can least afford it.

We are therefore asking you to represent these views and urge you as part of your review of the Gambling Act to decouple sports and events betting from that in online casinos and reject intrusive affordability checks.

The Smart Betting Club