Bring Back Auto Plays to Online Casinos (UK)

Bring Back Auto Plays to Online Casinos (UK)

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What are auto plays?

Auto plays are a key responsible gambling tool, allowing you to keep exact track of how many spins you are playing & at what cost/spend limit. you can set a specific amount of spins to be player, usually in increments such as "25, 50, 75, 100". This then tells the player exactly how much these spins are going to cost, whilst also giving the option of setting a loss limit should they want to automatically cancel any further spins before spending more than they would like to, being a great responsible tool for the player at their fingertips.

With the removal of them, there has been a clear rise in auto clicker software being used, which allows a player to leave there system clicking an infinite amount of times without any player input until they choose to stop the spins manually, therefore even a short break from the computer can and WILL result in a unknown number of spins being played, potentially causing significant loss of financial spend.

Along with this, we also see further restrictions coming into the UK market, including extensive player "hard limits" which is essentially blocking your online play at that particular brand of group of brands when they believe you have spent enough of your money & on many occasions so far, having browsed many forums regarding this, these limits have been unrealistically low.

What will these changes achieve?

Well amongst many things, they will more that certainly encourage UK players to venture out and find alternative means of entertainment within the gaming sector, such as playing at unregulated casinos that are not commissioned by the UKGC and therefore risking their money with no certainty that any withdrawals will be fairly met.

Another risk of these changes will be the use of VPN software (Virtual private networks) that will allow a player to play at a casino they shouldn't be allowed to play at within the laws of that particular country - again risking the financial investments/deposits at these particular brands, more than likely unregulated once again.

What other changes have been made for UKGC brands?

- A 2.5 second limit in-between spins

- The "removal" of quick spins, which would allow a player to spins significantly fast      with no limits in between spins

- The removal of features that speed up play or give the illusion of control over the outcome

- Operators must clearly display to the player their total losses or wins and time    played during any online slots session

- A permanent ban on reversing withdrawals.

With regards to the above, as a collective I think it's safe to agree that the UKGC have made some positive changes that will help the player be more responsible and take further control over their online spends at casinos, a great example of this is the removal of reversing withdrawals whilst some of the changes will inevitably encourage a player to seek new, unregulated ways of gambling that comes with huge risks and very little protection in the event of a problem occurring.

Keep UK players safely playing at UKGC approved brands.

Bring back Auto plays.

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!