Chinese fish meal company in The Gambia, Golden Lead is destroying our livelihoods.

Chinese fish meal company in The Gambia, Golden Lead is destroying our livelihoods.

May 27, 2020
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Started by Fatou Jaw Manneh

On behalf of the Gambian communities of Gunjur, Sanyang, Khartong and BaatoKunku we are demanding that  The Gambia government take concrete action for the Chinese Golden Lead factory to cease all operations. We are also demanding that The Gambia Government uses it powers bestowed by the Constitution to rescind all contracts with the company. The matter is at the high courts between Golden Lead and the Environmental Concerned Group Gunjur. Since it started operations in 2016, the fishmeal business is wreaking havoc on the environment, coastal ecosystems, local employment, food security and the tourism economy. As a result of the activities of the Golden Lead Fishmeal factories,  the eco tourism industry in these communities is now under threat due to the discharge of toxic waste. The production of fishmeal is not only weakening food security in Gambia and neighboring countries but also contributing to the existing pressures of overfishing in the region.We demand that The Gambia Government step in to stop the exploitation of our vulnerable communities at the hands of these fishmeal plants.

Fatou Jaw Manneh
President, Sukuta Eco Political Forum 2020 (SEPF2020)
Lamin Mbakau Jammeh
Chairman of the Environmental Concerned Group Gunjur (ECGG)
Buba Touray
Secretary General ( ECGG)
Badara Bajo
Chairman of Gunjur Environmental Protection and Developmental Group ( GEPADG) 
Ahmed Manjang
Member Gunjur Development Association (GDA)  - Law Suit Financier
Member ECGG
Member Gunjur Project

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Signatures: 15,266Next Goal: 25,000
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