Remove Galway's new busking bye-laws.

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Part of the allure and magic of our Galway streets for both locals and tourists is the wide range of buskers and street acts. The new Bye-laws state that no amplification and/or backing tracks may be used before 6pm. I feel this will restrict many performers greatly and unnecessarily; very often their livelihoods depend on this.

I have regularly walked up Shop Street over the course of my years in Galway and have never once been obstructed by buskers or street artists and their audiences. The amplifiers and backing tracks have never been at an uncomfortable level for passersby and members of the crowd. On the contrary, these artists have provided me and thousands more with countless hours of entertainment.  Without busking on Galway streets we might never have heard of Keywest, Ed Sheeran and the amazing Galway Street Club. 

I urge you to reconsider your decision to take away a key element of Galway's culture.  I am sure that most Galwegians were quite happy with the way things were.