Save Rollover Pass From Eminent Domain

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 Rollover Pass, a Texas treasure which for more than 60 years has given persons who are disabled, veterans and families along the Gulf Coast access to world class fishing in their own backyards is now in danger of being taken from the people by Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, County Commissioners Darrell Apffel, Stephen Holmes, and Ken Clark who have voted to use the county's eminent domain authority to seize the private property from the land owner who has owned the property since the late 40;s. 

  Rollover Pass allows all species of fish,  including the American Eel a migratory path that they need to complete their life cycle.  The Pass allows fresh Gulf of Mexico water to cycle thru Galveston East Bay.  Many Turtles are often seen in Rollover Pass. It has also been voted the #1 fishing destination by the Texas Country Reporter.

  The Texas General Land Office run by Land Commissioner George P. Bush wants to close Rollover Pass but does not have the legal authority to do so, so they have enticed Galveston County to "cooperate" with them to get the property with their powers.  It appears that county commissioners are participating because they fear being punished by the powerful Texas Land Commission.  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is very aware of peoples private property rights but has not stepped up to help the people against this abuse.

We are asking Galveston County Judge, and each of the Commissioners to end this taking of private property by putting on their agenda a motion to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding/MOU contract with the Texas General Land Office. 

Ted Vega

President Gilchrist Community Association