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Terminate Galveston Police Sergeant Archie Chapman for being a criminal!

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On November 4, 2015, photography activist, Phillip Turner, was on the sidewalk outside the Galveston Police Department, when Galveston Police Sergeant Archie Chapman contacted him.  Chapman demanded that Turner identify himself, and when Turner declined to do so, Chapman arrested Turner for Failure to Identify.  [Texas Penal Code § 38.02.]

The problem is that Turner was right—he did not have to identify himself under Texas law unless he had already been lawfully arrested.  After Chapman arrested Turner, both he and Galveston County Sheriff’s Sergeant Gilbert Villareal took Turner’s car keys and drove through nearby parking lots pressing the remote until they located Turner’s car.  At that point, Chapman opened the car, found Turner’s wallet and driver’s license, and left the vehicle otherwise untouched.

Both the arrest of Turner and the search of his vehicle were unlawful.  Chapman took either personal property, or evidence of an alleged crime, depending on the disposition of Turner's car keys once seized along with Turner, out of the police department facility and used that property to commit additional crime.  This time he unlawfully entered a motor vehicle that wasn't his, which was parked in an unrelated nearby parking lot, and stole a wallet which contained personal documents of another person, i.e. Turner.

This isn't Nazi Germany.  We don't have "show me your papers" here.  The only solution to the continued abuse of authority that this type of police officer uses is to terminate his position as a police officer.  When corrupt cops are treated with impunity, they continue to operate outside of the law and abuse the authority that the people gave them.  Shiny badges don't grant extra rights, therefore Chapman should be treated exactly like the criminal he is.  Fire him from the police department!

If you are interested in seeing the videos that show Turner's very legal activities, along with the unlawful arrest and the criminal behavior of a police officer entering a vehicle and stealing another man's property, please see the following series:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4, recorded by another videographer  Burglary to Turner's car

This should be personal to all law-abiding citizens of this country.  Don't let corrupt police powers continue.


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