Black Lives Matter Movement Calls for Change at Gallaudet University

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This petition Black Lives Matter Movement Calls for Change was created by Black Student Union and Student Body Government to advocate for equity and promote diversity at Gallaudet University. We want to advocate for more training for professionals on campus, for more diversity in the population, and create a zero tolerance policy. These three changes will guarantee and secure a more safe and sound environment for our black students. Please take a quick second and sign this petition to become a part of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

We, the undersigns, students of Gallaudet University alongside Black Studnet Union and Studnet Body Government petition for systematical changes to increase the diversity and equity on campus. 

These changes include 

  1. Additional training for the officers at the Department of Public Safety
  2. Additional training for the staff and faculty of Gallaudet University
  3. Increase of diversity in staff and faculty
  4. Include student representatives in the University hiring process
  5. Increase of diversity in the student body
  6. Introduce a zero tolerance policy to stop racism at Gallaudet University