Allow us to donate our $25 Loblaw Cards Directly to Food Banks Canada

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Allow us to donate our $25 Loblaw Cards Directly to Food Banks Canada

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Roughly 2.7 million Canadians live with meal insecurity and do not know where their next meal will come from. This is nearly 13% of our nation's population. Poverty is not always easy to see. Meaning friends, family, and loved ones may be part of this group without it being obvious to you. Food banks are something these people rely on to stay alive, and of course food banks rely on donations from generous Canadians. 

After admitting to a bread price-fixing scheme spanning more than 14 years the Loblaw company is to offer reimbursement to all eligible Canadians via a sign up for a $25 dollar gift card starting around January 8th until early May. To be eligible you must be of age of majority in your province or territory and had to have purchased certain packaged bread products at eligible stores. 

The offer of a gift card is nice, but to most Canadian families this offer of roughly $1.79 for every year of wrong doing is a minimal change in our everyday lives. 

But to nearly 850,000 less fortunate Canadians who turn to food banks every month, these gift cards can be a major difference maker by being able to provide nutrition, health products, child care products and many other things the Loblaws Companies offer.

This petition is to ask Galen Weston and Loblaw Companies to create an option on their online registration to allow these gift cards to be mailed to Food Banks Canada on our behalves. Eliminating an unnecessary step in the donation process. Since the extra step of having to go donate these cards individually will decrease the total number donated. The goal here is to maximize the amount of money raised. These gift cards will then be used to help feed, clothe and make a difference in fellow Canadian's lives. Together we can fight hunger in Canada and set an example for the world.

It is estimated that anywhere between 3 and 6 million Canadians will be eligible to apply for the gift cards, at $25 each this is potentially $75-150 MILLION which can be used to help those in need across our country. If only 100,000 people choose to donate their gift cards, this is $2.5 million which will be donated.

Of course all those eligible for this reimbursement have the freedom to choose what they do with their gift card. But I ask that if you have meal security to please consider making the donation to help fight poverty in our country at zero cost to you.


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