Loblaws: do the right thing, give the taxpayers back our $12 million.

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The Canadian government has just announced it will be giving Loblaws $12 million in taxpayers’ money to install lower-emission refrigeration systems.

The announcement is part of a federal clean energy program. While it’s crucial for government and businesses alike to take action to combat climate change, Loblaws does not need and should not receive taxpayer dollars in order to take responsibility and be accountable for their own impact.

Loblaws is one of Canada’s largest supermarket chains, making $754 million in profit last year alone. Many of the taxpayers that are paying for this upgrade are living paycheck to paycheck, whereas Loblaws and the Weston family are extremely well-off.

Also, please consider that the Canadian government is currently deficit spending, meaning that the money being given to Loblaws is borrowed on behalf of taxpayers and will be paid off in the future (with interest) by taxpayers.

If this does not make sense to you, please sign this petition. Together we can encourage Loblaws to do the right thing.


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