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STOP the MASS EXTERMINATION of stray dogs. Opriti EXTERMINAREA cainilor fara stapan.

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On June 18,2014 the City Council in Galati Romania, decided, during a very short  meeting, without paying any attention to the representatives of animal protection organizations, to start the killing of almost 1,000 dogs, in the Public Shelter Ecosal. The  so-called " public debate" was not done in a democratic manner, the decision was definitivally taken by the Mayor of Galati, way before that "meeting" maybe also because there were a lot of complains about the horror animals endure in the Ecosal Shelter, because some organizations decided to fil penal complains against the management. The decision has sparked outrage in Romania as well as abroad  and with this petition we would like to show our support for all animal lovers and activist in Romania who work so very hard to save as many as possible, yet they are completely disregarded by local authorities and not at all sustained by the media. Please sign and share this petition and join the fight for the right to LIVE for these poor animals , born on the streets because of the indiference shown by authorities for so many years. No mass sterilizations campaigns have ever been promoted let alone organized locally...killing is probably the only ideea which comes to mind ...and this is NOT acceptable. 

Mr. Mayor Marius Stan and Galati City Hall

We are outraged,by what you decided about the dogs in the HORRIBLE shelter ECOSAL. Not only you did not take ANY MEASURE to stop the horrible treatment those dogs are subjected to by ALL the shelters employees, including the manager and the vet technician Bejenaru ( PAIS FROM PUBLIC MONEY ) but NOW you decided to KILL almost 1,000, saying that you want to use the money to help children. We know that children' allowance is given by the GOVERNMENT not by the CIty Halls....

Suntem REVOLTATI, de ceea ce ati hotarat pentru cainii din ORIBILUL adapost ECOSAL. Nu numai ca nu ati luat nici o masura sa opriti ororile la care sunt supusi cainii in acel adapost de catre TOTI angajatii , inclusiv directoarea adapostului, dna CUCU si tehnicianul veterinar BEJENARU, acum ati hotarat UNCIDEREA a aproape 1.000 de caini pretextand ca veti folosi banii ca sa ajutati copiii. Stim ca alocatiile pentru copii sunt date de STAT nu de consiliile locale.

We recommend veterinarian EUGEN DAN GASCA to REFUSE TO MASSACRE the dogs in ECOSAL Shelter.
Ii recomandam veterinarului EUGEN DAN GASCA sa REFUZE sa masacreze cainii de la Ecosal.

We are aware of the horrible way animals are being treated there, and we also blame Ecosal Director Ionut Pucheanu 
Suntem informati despre felul ORIBIL in care sunt tratati cainii la ECOSALiar Directorul Ecosal Ionut Pucheanu are o mare vina.
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We ask you to immediately REVERSE this decision and to collaborate with all organizations ready to help, otherwise your own image and the image of your town and country will be tarnished and tourists might think twice before deciding top visit Romania. It may also happen that many people will avoid Romanian products.

VA rugam sa anulati imediat aceasta decizie si sa colaborati cu toate organizatiile care se ofera sa ajute, altfel atat imaginea dumneavoastra cat si imaginea Galatiului si a Romaniei vor avea de suferit si turistii se vor gandi de doua ori inainte de a decide sa viziteze Romania. De asemenea s-ar putea ca si produsele romanesti sa fie evitate. 

We also want to inform you - the City COuncil that DOGS are allowed EVERYWHERE , with their owners, in the civilized world. It is BEYOND normal people understandind WHY in ROMANIA they are restricted in GRAS, in public spaces, and many more other unthinkable restriction....It does look that Romania has become a VERY hostile to dogs country. This is NOT what civilization and progress really mean.
De asemenea dorim sa informam consiliul local Galati ca peste tot in lumea civilizata CAINII au dreptul sa circule insotiti de detinatorii lor. Este dincolo de intelegerea unei minti normale DE CE in Romania exista atatea restrictii impotriva cainilor, sa nu mearga pe iarba, nu au acces in spatiile publice, si multe alte restrictii inexistente in alte tari. Se pare ca intra-adevar Romania a devenit una dintre tarile cele mai ostile cainilor. Aceasta NU este nici civilizatie si nici progres. Aceasta este dictatura.

We will inform about this HORRIBLE decision all Galati's sister cities.
Vom informa toate orasele infratite cu Galati despre aceasta decizie barbara.
Coventry, United Kingdom; Greece Piraeus, Greece 
France Pessac, France;Costa Rica Limón, Costa Rica; 
United States Hammond, United States;
Ancona, Italy,Italy Jesi, Italy;Scottsbluff, United States;
India Mumbai, India; Italy Brindisi, Italy; 

Thank you for reversing the DEATH SENTENCE for the dogs in ECOSAL .
Va multimim si speram sa anulati SENTINTA DE MOARTE pentru cainii de la ECOSAL.

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