Request for listing and integrating Republic of Kosovo on PayPal

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We, the citizens of Kosovo, do not have the option to create an account on PayPal. We are a small country but with tons of potential and will to make things happen.

As you might be aware, Kosovo is a new country so far recognized as independent by the majority of members of the United Nations, including the United States, United Kingdom and the majority of European Union countries. Kosovo has also become a member of intergovernmental bodies including the World Bank and IMF.

Kosovo is already recognized by a lot of internet properties such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Linkedin, W3C, Twitter, Payoneer, Skrill etc.

Kosovo has one of the youngest populations in all of Europe. Kosovo, as a young country, is rapidly bridging the digital divide facing its citizens, institutions and businesses. Today, 93% of Kosovo households have a broadband Internet connection. Our youth are leading the rapid spread of the use of all forms of digital media.

It would serve your website to understand the size of your users in Kosovo. We are keen Internet users. Adding Kosovo to your menus would help us to inform you precisely about our location.

Similarly, there are lots of social enterprises and charities that are working to improve lives and communities in Kosovo that are unable to accept donations via PayPal. All over world, online donations have powered a variety of social innovations and charity projects. Being blacklisted means many innovative social enterprises and charities in Kosovo are deprived access to potential donors. This isn't progressive.